Argument for IR science with an attitude

Recognizing the seminal contribution of the US and English Schools in laying the foundations of International Relations (IR) as a realm of study in itself, at the Center we commit ourselves to promoting a truly global approach to the analysis of foreign and security policy.

We seek to feature in our research, education and publishing endeavors spaces and events that do not receive much attention in the mainstream publications or research programmes.

We genuinely look at current dynamics transcending constructed fault lines such as “the West” versus “the Rest”, or “the North” and “the Global South”, as human civilization has been the product of a continuous two ways interaction for millennia. Giving primacy to one part would foster ethnocentrism and exceptionalism both detrimental to our interdependent world today.

We therefore apply a pluralistic view of IR theory.

Our Faculty and contributors dedicate intellectual and social capital to enable beneficiaries of our programmes to better acquire knowledge, stay up-to-date on the latest developments on the global stages, professionally interpret global politics and further engage themselves in global debates.

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    CFPSS is an academic think –tank gathering experts from a selection of various organizations around the globe.

    It aims to provide a resource for academia, business, government and civil society communities in order to enable a better understanding of the least explored regions globally and zoom in on foreign and security policy options facing the emerging great powers and other countries as per interest.

    The bottom line goal of the CFPSS is to inspire informed academic and applied conversations, to become a platform trans-sectoral and trans-national dialogue in a multi-actor agency format to engineer new formats, design and implement foreign policy and strategic studies. It does so by moving beyond a focus on purely national foreign policy and security perspectives, toward bridging the unexplored global and regional issues and opportunities.

    The Center’s activities include organizing panels, policy study groups and research projects, as well as media programs and professional education for executives and upcoming leaders.

    They engages international scholars, proficient students, government officials, parliamentarians, journalists, and business executives in a learning environment at the intersection of academia and international affairs.

    Our aim is to best link scientific expertise and cooperation with diplomacy and political influence to tackle major global and regional challenges, promote knowledge and improve trans-national relations.

    The Centre seeks to contribute to excellence in the International Relations academic programmes, and to facilitate regular contacts and exchanges among researchers at the global level.

    At the Center we are not motivated by political or ideological agendas, taking unbiased positions on matters of international relations relying on a balanced and neutral intellectual standing.
    We analyze the intersection between organizations, people and places over time!

    Our Leadership

    University of Kent, UK

    President and CEO

    Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance/ Loughborough University London, UK

    Director of publications
    Columbia University, US
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