Why join CFPSS?

As CFPSS is at its very inception stage, there is considerable potential of for growth. Hence you will have the chance to work with a series of established fellows and contribute to the center’s projects.

CFPSS embarked on a promising action plan that seeks to influence the foreign policy agenda of public and private organizations in the Romania and in any country of relevance to our commitments. This is an exciting moment that allows the centre to have significant impact on policymaking.

CFPSS develops tailor made executive education programmes on security, foreign policy, intelligence, and European affairs that gives you also an opportunity to work with qualified professionals and network with high profiles from various experts’ communities.

We currently have no open positions, but please consider whether our career schemes fit into your medium and long terms plans? In this case you should definitely submit a CV, copies of recently published articles or book chapters, and cover letter to Research and Publications Coordinator Jason Strakes at: jstrakes@cfpss.org and we should consider replying!

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Career opportunities

The Centre for Foreign Policy and Security Studies (CFPSS) is currently seeking established academics, early-career scholars and advanced graduate students with specializations in international relations (IR) theory, foreign policy and security studies to form a core group of contributors to our activities and research programs, as well to serve as experts in residence. The Centre offers three types of affiliations and associated benefits:

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The CFPSS internship program is designed for students completing graduate education in political science and/or international affairs that seek to acquire professional experience and advance their skills in organizing research projects and analytical writing. Interns will assist Centre staff with daily tasks and assignments, including data collection and research assistance, editing and drafting project reports.

Each intern will be provided with work space and full access to the resources of various universities as well as assistance with travel and accommodations. While positions are unpaid, arrangements will be made with the intern's home institution to receive the equivalent of course credit-hours for all work completed at the Centre, and an official certificate of completion awarded  for use in future professional applications. Interested individuals should submit two letters of recommendation from an employer or academic advisor, CV or resume and cover letter.

CFPSS fellowships are intended to provide early-career scholars in both university-based or non-academic positions with an opportunity to pursue focused research on a specialized topic of interest related to foreign policy analysis, regional studies or national/international security policy. It is therefore intended to provide successful applicants with logistical and monetary support, including work space, email account, access to electronic and physical library resources and assistance with travel and accommodations. Therefore, we encourage applicants to actively seek for funding at their home institutions or from various governmental and private organizations.
Fellows will present the results of their projects to students and faculty at the end of their residence, as well as publish their findings in Centre journals.

“Nicolae Titulescu” Fellowship Programme is the first of its kind developed by CFPSS to honour the outstanding public figure of Nicolae Titulescu (March 4, 1882 – March 17, 1941) that was a well-known Romanian diplomat, multiple timesgovernment minister, finance and foreign minister, and for two terms President of the General Assembly of the League of Nations (1930–32).

The Fellowship is open to experienced scholars to conduct a research project in any of the research programmes run by CFPSS.
The CFPSS runs a non-discriminatory Fellowship scheme although applicants must be of the age of 30-45.

Fellowships are tenable for between 6 and 12 months, and it must commence on September 15 or on February 15.

All fellows should receive financial support to cover living costs incurred with accommodation and food. A stipendium will be also offered.